Mecca Tourism at a Glance

Mecca the heart of Islam

Mecca or Makkah is a city of Saudi Arabia located in the Hejaz region which is 70 km inland from Jeddah. The Mecca city is very famous for the spiritual centre and is strictly off limits to non-Muslims. Mecca has the world’s tallest building the Royal Clock Tower Hotel which ranks 4th in the world. Today there are approx. 15 million Muslims who are visiting mecca annually. The visitors who are coming to Mecca for Hajj are rewarded with the forgiveness of all sins and get to see the amazing holy sites with visiting proximity to landmarks, Mountain of Light, Black Stone as well as Zamzam Well.

Mecca is the heart of Islamic world and is one of the most sacred lands on the earth. The city is spending more than $100 million on the services for the Hajj. The Mecca city is substantially is in growth period since 20th and 21st century. Mecca has all kind of small and big favour and you can enjoy every little pleasant experience.

Places to Visit

Abraj AL-Bait

0.9 km away from city center

The Holy Haram

1.1 km away from city center

Mount Arafat

18.7 km away from city center

Jabal AL-Nour

6 km away from city center


7.8 km away from city center

Umm AL-Qura University

17.2 km away from city center

Reyaa Bakhsh

1.3 km away from city center

Jabal Omar Project

0.5 km away from city center


1.6 km away from city center

Photos of Mecca

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Food of Mecca

Food of Mecca

The Makkah people love eating the varieties of Food and are trying out different food that is available in different areas such as coastal, mountain and other desert areas. The most famous dishes of the Makkah are Al-M’soub, Al-Mutabbaq, Al-Harisah, Al-Saidiyah, Al-Manto, Kabab, and Al-Farikah. There are lots of famous restaurants available in Mecca that is the latest food portals in the region and online orders are also available. The people of Saudi are also very traditional and eat the same foods that are eaten since centuries. The restaurant foods are excellent and provide the delicious food to the customers along with fine services.

Restaurants in Mecca

Al Baik

Ibrahim Al Khalil, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
+966 12 697 5524

Al Baik restaurant provides very tasty and high-quality food. The price is also reasonable and if you’re a Chicken lover then you’ll sure love eating the fried Chicken at Al Baik. Al Baik is a chain of the fast food restaurant; there are over 40 branches available in Jeddah and a major consumer of the Chicken in Saudi Arabia.


Timing: Sat-Fri: 12 PM- 12 AM

Estimated Price: 25 - 50 SR

Cuisines: Fast Food, Chicken

Features: Delivery, Quick Services


Al Tazaj

Al-Khalil, Al Kakiyyah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
+966 12 546 6549

Al Tazaj is a famous restaurant in Makkah as it comes with high-quality food. It is located very neatly to KSA so easy to go and have meals. There are many meals recipes available and are served with different services every time you visit

Timing: Sat-Fri: 12 PM- 12 AM

Estimated Price: 50 SR

Cuisines: Grill & Roast | Sandwiches & Wraps |

Features: Delivery, Quick Services, Family Section


Abraj Al-Bayt Mall, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
+966 9200 01213

Hardee’s provides the best dishes with the best Food menu. It is located in front of Grand Haram Mosque cost very low so you can easily have it after your prayer. The burger is delicious and comes in various flavours; they are served at the buffet.


Timing: Sat-Fri: 12 PM- 12 AM

Estimated Price: 30 SR

Cuisines: Burgers, Lunch, Gluten Free

Features: Delivery, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Hyatt Regency

Ibrahim Al Khalil Street, Omar, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
+966 12 577 1234

People discover the best and luxurious food at Hyatt Regency which offers all-day buffet restaurant and an international cuisine. Hyatt offers different types of food and you can have it at the perfect place and enjoy your dishes. The restaurant also offers a pleasant atmosphere, open kitchen concept which is complemented by a wood fired oven.


Timing: Sat-Fri: 12 PM- 3:30 PM | 6:30 – 11:30 PM

Cuisines: Lunch, Break Fast & Dinner

Features: Wait staff, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible

How to Reach Mecca

Airport is just 19km from the city center


Mecca by Air

Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport is the gateway to Mecca. You can serve the regional airlines airport throughout the year. The same airport has been used when you are coming for Umrah. During the Hajj season, there are a mostly charter flights arranged by the regional airlines commercial along with other scheduled services. You can also try another option; if you’re nearby Taif Region then it has the Taif regional Airport in Taif which can be used to get into Mecca.

Mecca by Bus

There is an SAPTCO company in Saudi Arabia that provides the bus services to Mecca and places throughout the country. Most of the pilgrims are coming for Umrah or Hajj. There are mainly two terminals available outside the city limits which are opened to all. There are buses available throughout the day after every 1-2 hours’ interval time and it starts from early in the morning at 6 until midnight 12.

Time to Visit Mecca

Tourist visits Mecca all year round, but the best preferable would be during cooler months. Hajj is the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca and it should be carried out at least once in a year.  If you are a Muslim then the best time would be during the Hajj season. The average temperature of Mecca to make you feel comfortable is from 20-30 degree. Mecca government is very strict and do not allow Non-Muslims as Mecca is a birthplace of Islam so they do not take violations lightly. However, Mecca’s best season will depend on a number of factors shown below.

Mecca during winter

December-February is the best time to visit Mecca as December is the very busy month and you will find people roaming around, preparing for Ramadan, UK and USA kids have holidays so you’ll find flights and Hotel rooms very expensive.

Mecca Off-Peak Season

Mecca has an average of 5 inches a year, so visiting during this time will be the best.  Mecca mainly experiences the dry season so try to visit during the month of October-May as the days are sunny and nights are cooler. If you have really planned your trip to Mecca and you’re preparing for Umrah then don’t leave it for last minute, book your hotels now as there are hotels in Mecca which offers facility of book now and pay later also the cancellation charges are very low. So you’ll have fun visiting Mecca.

Mecca at Summer Time

During summer months the temperature tends to be hotter more compare to another season.  As summer have 49-degree heat but if you have planned your trip during summer holidays then visit during the months of June and August as the temperature remains 40 degrees. So summer heat in Mecca is just intolerable.

Cooler months to visit Mecca: January  –  March, November- December


Hotter months to visit Mecca: April  –  October

Where To Stay


Star Rating

Price Range

About Hotels in Mecca

Mecca provides a huge range of Hotels to stay for all kinds of travelers. You will find here from cheap, budget lodges to the most luxurious hotels. The best luxurious hotels around the world like Le Meridien, Sofitel and Radisson can be found here. There are various budget hotels which are located to conveniently reach the attractions in and around Mecca. These are ideal for the budget travellers.

Al Saad Flower Hotel 1

behind Rawda Bridge, far from Haram by 1.5 k.m

8.1Very Good

SR 180

Al Saad Flower Hotel 4

Haram Mosque Road - General street opposite to Mobiles Markets

8.1Very Good

SR 250

Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel

Ajiad Street, 300 metres from the haram

8.1Very Good

SR 400

Drnef Hotel Makkah

Third Ring Road , beside Makkah Court

8.1Very Good

SR 118

Snaf Inn Hotel

North Aziziyah next to the National Commercial Bank

8.1Very Good

SR 180

Al Shohada Hotel


8.1Very Good

SR 399

Popular Destinations

Abraj AL-Bait

Al Jmumum

Al Jmumum

Abraj AL-Bait



Abraj AL-Bait

Al Kamil

Al Kamil

Abraj AL-Bait