Al Khobar

Overview of Al Khobar

Al Khobar Tourism at a Glance

Al Khobar is the large city located on the Eastern side of the kingdom on a coast of the Persian Gulf. It is a place which has the city consists of beautiful views head with the Khobar international malls such as Al-Rashid and Venice malls. People can enjoy the thriving cultural tradition of different ethnic and religious communities. Visitors come to see the exciting combination of traditions and modernism plus the benefit to visiting Al Khobar is you’ll get a delighted food. So visiting a place like Al Khobar is fun catching.

Places to Visit

Al Rashid Mall

4 km away from city center

Khobar Mall

5.7 km away from city center

Rahmania Mall

2 km away from city center

Khobar Plaza

2.3 km away from city center

Oasis Mall

6.5 km away from city center

Lulu Hypermarket

0.9 km away from city center

AL-Salama Hospital

2.2 km away from city center

Almana General Hospital

3.3 km away from city center

Mohammed Al Dossary Hospital

1.8 km away from city center

Photos of Al Khobar

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Rayatna For Furnished Apartments 3 - Standard Double Room (2 Adults)
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Food and Restaurants of Al Khobar

Food and Restaurants of Al Khobar

There are some food lovers available all around the world, and people much prefer to have demand for delicious food. There are many restaurants which provide the locals and travelers with the fantastic food. There are varieties of food available for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People like to eat with pleasure with admiring the surrounding views. Here we have bought a list of top restaurants of Al Khobar.

Restaurants in Al Khobar

Pizzarific Restaurant

Prince Homoud St. Cross 22, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
+966 13 887 1515

There are a lot of restaurants open in Al Khobar, but this Pizzarific is a fantastic restaurant which offers the best pizza at an affordable price with an excellent taste. The staffs are well-behaved, and the service provided by them is outstanding. They serve the delicious pizza, and the home delivery packaging is very perfect.


Timing: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Estimated Price: 50-100 SAR

Cuisines: Indian, Fast Food, and Pizza

Features: Delivery, Takeout

Piatto Restaurant

Prince Turkey Road, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
+966 11 200 6868

The Piatto is a number 1 restaurant which serves delicious food with excellent presentation. There are many hotels which add Piatto restaurant inside their hotels as Piatto offers great food. You should try out this food at least we are sure you won’t get disappointed. The staffs are also very friendly, and the atmosphere is pleasant so it can suit anyone.


Timing: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Estimated Price: 50 – 60 SAR

Cuisines: Italian, take away, delivery

Features: Late Night Dinner, Take Away, Wait for staff, Wheelchair Accessible

Fushi Restaurant

Prince Turkey Street, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
+966 13 898 9595

Fushi is a Japanese restaurant which can serve the best Sushi and Hibachi. The food served is very delicious, and you will get the best service with the well-presented dishes. Most of the people prefer to try out something that looks different than it appears. You will find the place also unusual enough to grab a bite along with your friends.


Timing: 10:30 AM to 12 AM

Estimated Price: 100-200 SAR

Cuisines: Japanese, Sushi

Features: Home Delivery, Takeaway, Vegetarian-Friendly

La Gondola

10th St, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Saudi Arabia
+966 9200 07000

La Gondola is an Italian restaurant that offers a wide selection of authentic and fresh seafood dishes which is more affordable. The food is served with pleasant atmosphere, light music and during once a week it presents a culture event. The menu of this La Gondola restaurant is incredible value for money.

Timing: 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Estimated Price: 120 SR

Cuisines: Italian

Features: Family section, Single Section

How to Reach Al Khobar

Airport is just 19km from the city center


Al Khobar by Air

If you’re traveling on a plane, then the nearest airport is in Dammam, where many travelers choose to enter the country via Bahrain airport. Companies mainly use the business flights into Manama instead of Dammam as Bahrain International Airport has bars and lounges. Here in Bahrain drinks are usually served for the foreigners, but if they are landing in the Middle East, then the alcohol is illegal, so people prefer to travel to Manama airport.

Al Khobar by Train

If you are planning to go on the train, then it would be a quite relaxing way to get from A to B. There is a Damman train station available which is 15 minutes away from the city. It links with a local Middle Eastern Cities. So you can quickly reach the nearest station and get on the Dammam-Riyadh line called as Line 1. Damman provides various train station links to: Abqaiq Railway Station Hofuf Railway Station Riyadh Railway Station If you have stayed at Park Inn by Radisson Al Khobar Hotel than within walking distance, you can reach the station quickly. Also, there are some trains which run throughout the day to suit your schedule and help you to get your way. How to reach Al Khobar by road If you want to travel to Al Khobar by road, then you can catch the bus from Damman. There are other buses available by SAPTCO Company, so service is reliable.

Best Time to visit Al Khobar

Al Khobar is a great place to hang out with friends and family and the best time will be the evening time when you will see the beautiful sunset view. Another excellent time is during the morning time especially when the climate is delightful. Also, any weather can be preferable to visit the small gathering place like Al Khobar only the hotter days are recommended to avoid.


The climate of the Al-Khobar is very deserted, hot and humid. The summers have the worst weather during the months of June, July and August. So, people call these 90 days of the Devil. The summer months start from March, and the daily temperature remains around 35 degrees and reaches 45 degrees until the month of August. So you can’t enjoy during these months as summer brings the unbearable heat.

During winter months from November to February, the temperature remains milder, and it rains sporadically. If you are visiting Al-Khobar during these months, then the outdoor climate is just awesome, and you can enjoy the sea. On average August is the good month and the coolest month is January. Whereas September is the wettest month and June is the driest month. The choice is yours which month is most preferable.


Best Months to visit Al Khobar

February to April

August to November

Where To Stay


Star Rating

Price Range

About Hotels in Al Khobar

Al Khobar provides a huge range of Hotels to stay for all kinds of travelers. You will find here from cheap, budget lodges to the most luxurious hotels. The best luxurious hotels around the world like Le Meridien, Sofitel and Radisson can be found here. There are various budget hotels which are located to conveniently reach the attractions in and around Al Khobar. These are ideal for the budget travellers.

Mawasem Al Sharqiyah Park House

Next to Al Rashed Mall, Gate 8,

2nd Class

8.1Very Good

SR 110

Mawasim Agadir 15

Prince Nasser Street,

2nd Class

8.1Very Good

SR 110

Al Nimran Hotel

Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Road, 28th street

8.1Very Good

SR 250

Mani Hotel

Moamar Al tememe st

8.1Very Good

SR 200

New Mawasem

Momar Altameme Street , beside Rahed Mall , Gate 6

2nd Class

8.1Very Good

SR 110

Mawasim Al Sahab 1

Dahran Street, behind SACO,

2nd Class

8.1Very Good

SR 110

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