Overview of Al-Ahsa

Al-Hasa create the things you wish existed

Al-Ahsa is a part of the region known water springs historically and green spaces. A tourist enjoys visiting its fairy-tale tourist sites. Al-Hasa is a place where you can spend the exciting weekend by visiting Al-Mishgir historical mountain along with its fascinating nature. You’ll find many beautiful things such as Al-Ahsa Museum for Antiquities and Heritage with Gold markets. If you have planned longer stay then, you can also visit nearby places such as Riyadh, Dammam and other primary commercials to spend your vacation.

Places to Visit

King Abdulaziz Hospital

369.9 km away from city center

Photos of AL-Ahsa

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Food​ ​of​ ​Al-Ahsa

Food​ ​of​ ​Al-Ahsa

We all want food that can fill our tummy with delicious food. Also, we want the location to be perfect where we can enjoy the tasty food and grab the bite with our loved ones. In Al-Hasa there are many restaurants which serve the best food along ​with starters, main courses​, and appreciable services. We have some of the best restaurants; a choice is yours which one you will try​ ​first.

Restaurants in AL-Ahsa

Saffron Island Restaurant

King Saud Street, Opp Mubarak Trading Centre, Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia
+966 13 599 9909

Saffron Island is a very nice restaurant and comes with good Indian food. You’ll get a good quality of Indian food that comes with the large menu. It's a new Indian restaurant in Mahasin, Al Hasa which aims at fulfilling the desire of hunger for authentic Arabian and Indian food. There is the broad array of specialty dishes available from various regions of Middle East, hand-crafted by their expert chefs.

Timing: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Estimated Price: 100 - 200 SR

Cuisines: Asian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian

Features: Catering, Takeout, Delivery, Quick Services


Vanellis Hassa Mall, Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia
+966 9200 05117

The Vanellis restaurant offers a centered menu on live cooking to order the selection of pasta. They also serve pre-made salads, lasagne, and freshly cooked pizza. It features home-style Italian classics as well as exciting new twists and serves fresh hot.

Timing: 11:00 AM  to 11:30 PM

Estimated Price: 10 - 50 SR

Cuisines: Italian

Features: Delivery, Quick Services

Bharat Restaurant Indian Kitchen

Al Khalij Rd, Muthallath, Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia
+966 13 581 1100

This Bharat Restaurant Indian Kitchen serves delicious Indian food. The menu includes both vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is trendy for family, good ambiance, great Indian taste and also has the separate section for singles. The location of the restaurant is well suited while the seating area is pleasant.


•Timing: 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM

•Estimated Price: 100 - 200 SR

•Cuisines: Indian

•Features: Delivery, Quick Services

Al Romansiah, Al-Hasa

King Fahd Rd, Al Salmaniya North, Al-Hofuf, Saudi Arabia
+966 13 599 2700

The food served in Al Romansiah restaurant is very delicious. It’s one of the favorite restaurants that are the greatest choice among locals for traditional Arabic rice dishes. Also, the traditional desserts are worth trying. The quality and services are finest with a neat & clean area.

Timing: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Estimated Price: 40 - 120 SR

Cuisines: Japanese

Features: Delivery, Quick Services


Riyadh Rd, Al Salmaniya North, Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia
+966 13 599 5896

Applebee’s serves a great variety of American foods which tastes amazing and delivers the food to many areas of KSA. You’ll find different American dishes that serve wonderfully by the staff and is a bit of expensive but worthy to eat.

Timing: 12:00 AM to 11:30 PM

Estimated Price: 100 - 200 SR

Cuisines: American

Features: Family, Couples, Delivery, Quick Services

How to Reach AL-Ahsa

Airport is just 19km from the city center.


AL-Ahsa by Air

Al-Ahsa international airport is 17km southwest of Hofuf city center. If you’re living in Dammam and you need to travel to Al-Ahsa, then it would take 29 min to go from Dammam to Al Hasa in flight as the distance is 387 km. The flying time varies for a direct flight from Al-Hasa to Jeddah and is different from Dubai as we all know that Dubai is the most popular destination ​for one-stop​ ​flights​.​ ​You’ll​ ​have​ ​two​ ​weekly​ ​flights​ ​from​ ​Al-Ahsa​ ​to​ ​Jeddah.

AL-Ahsa by Bus

SAPTCO operates bus services to Dammam, Bahrain, Riyadh, and Al-Hasa from Al-Khobar. The distance is very less between each city so traveling in a bus would save your time and comes with low-cost travel. There are also some of the luxurious buses that operate from the Gulf​ ​Centre​ ​diagonally​ ​and​ ​are​ ​opposite​ ​to​ ​the​ ​police​ ​station​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Corniche​ ​road.

AL-Ahsa by Train

SRO (Saudi Railways Organization) began running the trains between Al-Hasa and Dammam, even they are open on Sundays. There will be two rides in a day from Sunday to Thursday to serve students and employees. In addition to this, a new ticketing system used which will provide cards for frequent travelers. The SRO transports more than 1.1 million passengers a year on its train.

Best time to go to Al-Ahsa

January to March – Weather is great, and you’ll feel wonderful

November to December – These two months comes with average temperature, and cool breeze will fly. Traveling in these months is much fun, and the atmosphere will also be bright enough to enjoy your trip.

April to October – You’ll find hot summer season during these months. June is the driest month so avoiding this month as you won’t be able to handle so much heat.

January to August - Al-Ahsa have dry periods during these months, so most people don’t prefer to travel this month. Among them, July is the warmest month, and January is the coolest month out of all.


September – This month comes under the list of the wettest month. People who love rains most prefer to travel during this month but if you don’t like too much rain then avoid the month as it has a lot of rain.

Where To Stay


Star Rating

Price Range

About Hotels in AL-Ahsa

AL-Ahsa provides a huge range of Hotels to stay for all kinds of travelers. You will find here from cheap, budget lodges to the most luxurious hotels. The best luxurious hotels around the world like Le Meridien, Sofitel and Radisson can be found here. There are various budget hotels which are located to conveniently reach the attractions in and around AL-Ahsa. These are ideal for the budget travellers.

Blue Sands Alqaria

Hay Mahasen, Aswaq Alqaria

2nd Class

8.1Very Good

SR 180

Coral Al Ahsa Hotel

Dhahran St, Al Yahya, Al Mubarraz

8.1Very Good

SR 290.92

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