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Booking through holdinn.com agreement

  • Holdinn.com (referred to afterwards as ‘’we’’ or ‘’us’’) provides search for and booking hotels, Condominiums (Apartments and Resorts) and online booking services.
  • 2These terms are applied for any booking through holdinn.com
  • 3Holdinn.com shows only the hotel services declared by its providers and doesn’t own these services.
  • 4Holdinn.com enables you to complete the booking procedures to confirm the booking from the service providers.
  • 5Services data including the prices, other services details, availability and pictures added to holdinn.com platform is real information provided and updated by the service providers. Although we give high care to assure the validity of the specifications and services offered, however prices and availability is a direct responsibility of the service provider in holdinn.com platform.


  • 6Booking will be confirmed and a booking confirmation number will issued directly after completing the confirmation procedures. Confirmation terms might vary according to confirmation tool (credit card, without a credit card or PayPal).
  • 7Check in and Check out time is according to the terms of the service providers. Date of arrival and date of departure can be set using holdinn.com calendar. Although the Hijri calendar (Ummu AlQura calendar) is available, the Gregorian calendar (Western calendar) is the main calendar. If at any case of any difference in the Hijri calendar, the Gregorian calendar will be referred to.
  • 8When confirming the booking using the credit card the hotel might deduct any costs for booking confirmation according to the terms and cancellation policy of the hotel and the service provider.
  • 9When confirming the booking without a credit card any related conditions from the service providers must be considered, it is required to verify from hotel directly any required further actions.
  • 10 If not paid before at arrival, you must show the booking receipt and pay the booking fees to the service provider. Booking cancellation system:
  • 11 Booking cancellation shall be according to the hotel's cancellation policy which might be free of charge require fees.
  • 12 Holdinn.com does not charge any fees for cancellation, however hotel cancellation policies and conditions will be applied.
  • 13 Cancellation policy will be applied for each booking according to its conditions through holdinn.com cancellation tools.

Discounts and encouraging offers:

  • 14Promotions and discounts are offered when available and all information in this site vulnerable to the availability or lack thereof, and can be canceled at any time.
  • 15Offers and discounts are set according to the terms and conditions.

Best prices guarantee :

  • 16Holdinn.com doesn’t apply and booking fees moreover, provide the most suitable service with the lowest prices.
  • 17Different rate might be for same room but with different policies, and services or included meals.
  • 18Currency converter tool to show rate in different currency, but booking will be in hotel main currency.

Classification and data:

  • Hotels classification is based on stars rating as the official rating. It shows total quality and value. Classification is considered by services and facilities available in the hotel. The following summary a general idea about each classification:
    • a(Two stars) varies between hotels and small to middle sized apartments offers more facilities. It might offer a variety of services that include foods and drinks.
    • b(3 Stars) usually these hotels or apartments are with a size that enables it to offer enhanced employees with a better quality and a group of facilities. Reception office and public areas will be wider. All the bedrooms will contain internal fittings and there might be a room service.
    • c(4 Stars) there is a clear difference in the level of the furniture, decoration and fittings quality between this level and the lower rank ones. The bedrooms are usually wider than these that exist in the hotels and apartments with the lower rank. Also, there might be other services that can be provided such as: carrier, 24 hours room service, cleaning and ironing clothes services and dry cleaning services, etc.
    • d(5 Stars) these hotels should contain wide and luxurious accommodation from all aspects. Guest's requirement's are highly considered.

Business Booking:

  • 20Business booking and group booking can be done through holdinn.com business booking tools.


  • 21There might be modification or adjustment on the information related to the services, only the service providers are responsible for updating the information and its accuracy.
  • 22Although we take maximum precautions to provide accurate and updated information we don’t offer any guarantee for the service providers and we shall not be liable in case there is any incorrect or different information from the service providers. Beneficiaries (guest) is responsiblities to contact hotel immediately after initial booking through holdinn.com to complete booking confirmation from the hotel.
  • 23Although we endeavor for keeping hotel information and availability update. In case there is any different in hotel service at check in time, guest must request what is booked according to the booking receipt.
  • 24Holdinn.com responsibility is limited to provide bookings confirmation that done through holdinn.com.
  • 25There might be an update or a change to these terms from time to time and any changes will be put in these terms only and it’s considered as part of the agreement.


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