3 star hotels in makkah Saudi Arabia

3 star hotels in Mecca hotels are the most favorable options for many people due to the wonderful hospitality guests usually receive and quality of services and facilities. 3 star hotels are great competitor for luxurious hotels, for these accommodation ensure the best and most appropriate prices for various classes of people which maintains their budget balanced.

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Loaloat Al Aseel Hotel

Loaloat Al Aseel Hotel

500-1500 Meter To Haram, Mecca | Map

  • Latest booking: 5 days ago

Al Aseel Hawazen Hotel

Al Aseel Hawazen Hotel

3000 - 6000 Meter To Haram, Mecca | Map

  • Latest booking: 4 days ago

Amjad House Hotel - Ajyad

Amjad House Hotel - Ajyad

less Than 500 Meter To Haram, Mecca | Map

Anwar Loa'loa't Al Rawda

Anwar Loa'loa't Al Rawda

1500 - 3000 Meter To Haram, Mecca | Map

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