Introduction Of Reward Points

You must be thrilled to get offer Loyalty rewards that are in real, relevant and all yours. With some many excited ways you can redeem with using earned points and do maintain the point balance all you have to do is to redeem some of them or earn more. Our Loyalty program will allow you to earn points on every Hotel booking with an eligible reward option available. That’s not yet finished you’re points will be consolidated in one account and will help you to earn points faster and then you can redeem them for better rewards.

How to Earn Reward Points 

Book now with and earn Reward Points on all your hotel stays. The HoldInn members who book their hotels with the eligible rates will receive Standard Reward points plus additional points per hotel booking. When you book online you need to sign in to booking or provide a valid registered email address during the booking process. By default all your earned points will be stored in you Reward points account only. Your earned points will be calculated when you book any hotel.

How many Payback Points will I earn on each booking?

We have fixed reward points for every different section click here to view our Catalogue

How Do I Redeem my Reward Points?

You can redeem your reward points in HoldInn against booking made online and redeem them as per every Hotel booking.

What happens to my Reward Points if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel you’re booking which was made using Reward points the same will be credited back automatically to your account.

Are my Reward points transferable?

No, you cannot transfer your Reward points to another member
Please visit to our Terms and Condition if you want to learn more about Loyalty Reward Programs and the policy we offer and follow.