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Holdinn.com for Hotel booking which is referred to afterward as ‘’ we’’ or ‘’us'', these rules are considered part of the terms of use and by using, providing information or by establishing an account in holdinn.com you accept these terms and conditions. You should not use the site in case you do not agree with the terms and conditions contained in this contract.

Registration and signing in

Although you can use Holdinn.com without registration, it is recommended to keep the personal settings, check the previous bookings and the management of the future bookings. The registered information is treated with high secrecy, any information registered can’t be exposed to anyone except for those who provide the services after booking to complete the procedures. If you’re not registered in Holdinn.com, you’ll be asked for some personal information that includes the name, address, mobile number, and Email, this information are used in:

  • ID verification.
  • To confirm booking from the hotel.
  • To send you the confirmation receipt, and provide suitable services.
  • For research and development of the services and products with what suits your ambitions. Email address is your username, so you should use a valid Email to receive your booking receipt. We will send to your mobile phone text messages for activation and confirmation.

In case you’re already a member in holdinn.com all that you have to do is to log in to your personal account and complete the booking.

Offers and discounts

Hotel Promotions, low rate hotels, and hotel discounted rates, will be offered periodically and will be emailed to you.

Customer’s feedback:

Your feedback is valuable to our sites and useful for our customers so we will contact you in order to have your valued feedback.


It is normally practiced in websites using cookies which is a general data gathers the internet protocol (IP) ( addresses, type of browser and the service provider (ISP), browsing and logging out of pages, time and date, click places on the page). This information isn’t related to personal information, so we just use it to develop and improve our services presented to you.

Security in Holdinn.com System for online booking:

To provide a high degree of security Holdinn.com system has been equipped with an advanced security technics. All information and personal data are protected with coding technology Secure Socket Layer (SSL 128bit).

With the transactions coding, holdinn.com users can trust the security of the applied transactions through holdinn.com

Customers categories

Holdinn.com services are categorized for Business and individuals. The user under the age of 18 must have valid approval from a parent or a custodian. We keep our right in eliminating any information from any person under the age of 18.

Holdinn.com Prohibitions

Using Holdinn.com system for online booking is prohibited in any of the following:

  • The use of any illegal or unlawful or contrary to the rules of customary international law.
  • The use of the system in a way we see it is unacceptable or inappropriate or harmful to any harm to us or others in any manner whatsoever.
  • Add, present, post, publish or transmit any information or images that contain: threat or bluster or disperse ethnic or aggression or breach of confidentiality or being imprisoned for taste, libelous, pornographic or obscene or violation of privacy of others or impersonate others or violation of the rights of others intellectual or copyright infringement or violation of the rights of others.
  • Hacking or send viruses in any way or execute large orders or pressure to use the system to collect private data or use the site to spy or collect data on users of the site or send an email to what is specified in these conditions.
  • Using the system in ways not designed for or sending unwanted junk mail.
  • Any action contrary to the law and proceeded regulations and traditions.

Limits of the legal responsibility

There are services provided through holdinn.com from third parties that have agreements with holdinn.com to be provided to you directly or direct contract between you and the service providers that might contain additional conditions. The use of any of the services provided by other parties remains governed by these terms and conditions of these providers. May expose the system holdinn.com links, products or services provided by other parties, whether propaganda or listed and classified or otherwise and holdinn.com not guarantee ratification of any of them and give up responsibility for any of these materials, services, and products offered and are the responsibility of providers directly.

Through holdinn.com be dealt between service providers and beneficiaries directly and the service provider is responsible for the provision of services for the beneficiaries. Beneficiary (guest) is responsible to contact the hotel immediately after booking confirmation through holdinn.com to complete booking confirmation from the hotel.

holdinn.com offer those services, delivery and confirmation procedures and not to holdinn.com any relationship or quality of those services directly or indirectly. Holdinn.com does not provide any guarantee. Any breach or any provision of any of the information or services is considered the responsibility of the service provider.

Intellectual property rights

Property rights for the programs and copyrights for the content are reserved for Holdinn.com.

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