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University of Tabuk
University of Tabuk located in Diba Road, Tabuk City, Saudi Arabia. It is a governmental university, it was established in 2006, the campus is located on 12 million square meters. Currently, University of Tabuk includes 990 faculty members, and about 20,000 male and female undergraduate students in the main headquarters of the university and its branches, and the university is seeking to be a beacon in the the fields of education and development. The university has been established many of branches in all provinces of the region. The university has the following faculties: (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Medical Science, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, Faculty of Education and Arts, Faculty of Home Economics, Tabuk Community College, University College in Duba province - the University College in  Al-Wajh province - the University College in Omloj province - the University College of Haql province - the university branch of Taima province). In addition, University of Tabuk contains the following Deanships: (Deanship of Admission and Registration - Deanship of  faculty and staff members Affairs - Deanship of Student Affairs - Scientific Research - Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education - Deanship of Graduate Studies - Deanship of Library Affairs - Deanship of Development and quality - Deanship of academic services). Tabuk University is committed to providing quality educational services that accredited academically by national and international entities and focus through which on the undergraduate students, and it is working to develop a positive and ongoing community partnerships and conduct research in the areas of interest to the community and meet the needs of the citizens of Tabuk and support the educational experience for students of the university.

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