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Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital Tabuk

Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital
Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital located in Prince Sultan Road, Sultanah, Tabuk. Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital was established in 1995, it contains a team of medical and highly qualified consultants, features twelve Outpatient Clinics, different medical specialties: General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, General Surgery and laparoscopic, children and newborns, endoscopy, oral and dental surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, urology, dermatologists, plastic surgery, heart, eyes, bones and joints surgery. The hospital contain emergency department: Service around the clock under the auspices of qualified doctors and nurses, they are ready to provide all kinds of emergency care, including resuscitation of cardiac and lungs  and small operations. Inpatient Service: there are three degrees of the comfortable rooms are well-equipped, it has 82 beds and intensive care unit and care unit for children, an isolated room for people with infectious diseases, and two fully equipped operations room with a recovery room (resuscitation), and an operations room for women and obstetrics including rooms for tocolytic and obstetrics. Medical Support Services: radiology around the clock and includes the most advanced diagnostic equipment, medical laboratory around the clock, pharmacy is open around the clock. Other services: Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital includes a central sterilization unit, internal services, general maintenance of medical equipment, transportation, security and safety.

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