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Panda Tabuk

Panda Tabuk located in King Abdulaziz Road, Alaziziyah Al Jadidah, Tabuk. Panda applied a marketing strategy that aims to provide the best goods at the lowest prices. In addition to providing innovative promotional offers, and the establishment of marketing festivals to their clients. Panda was founded in 1978 as one of the most important organizations in the retail sector in Saudi Arabia, with the opening of its first branch in Riyadh. In 1998, Panda merged with Azizia Company then formed Azizia Panda United Company to acquires thus a larger share of the retail market in Saudi Saudi Arabia. In 1999 Azizia Panda United was acquired by Savola Group, one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Middle East region. The first new format of Hypermarket was opened in Riyadh city in 2004. In 2006, Panda moved forward with its regional expansion by opening its first store in Dubai. In 2008, more numbers of stores were operating under the name of Panda when Savola Group acquired “Giant” supermarkets in Saudi Arabia and merged them with Panda. In 2014 the company name was changed from Azizia Panda United to the Panda Retail Company. And another big step in the expansion plan was achieved when Panda opened it hypermarket in Egypt in the year of 2015. Today Panda Retail Company owns  more than 481 branches of the various markets,  Panda Super, Panda Hyper and Pandati, so that it is the largest company in the retail sector in the Kingdom, where it is currently in 38  city of the Kingdom. Panda Retail Company offering its services to more than 400 million visitors annually, Panda adopts many of the programs and projects that aimed at community service. Panda Keen to provide an attractive work environment that meet needs of their employees, which contributed to increase the number of Saudi employees to more than 7,000 employees, of its total staff that is more than 25,000 employees,  more than 2250 Saudi  benefit from seasonal employment  programs that offered "Panda" annually. Panda is constantly focused on the training of its staff, it launched in 2002 (Panda Academy) for the rehabilitation and training of functional cadres in the company, and  development of workers' skills and abilities, so that the average number of trainees exceeds per year more than 8,000 trainees. Panda seeks to be the first in the retail regionally.

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