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North West Armed Forces Hospital Tabuk

North West Armed Forces Hospital
North West Armed Forces Hospital located in King Abdulaziz Road، within the city of King Abdulaziz Military City in Tabuk. It was opened the hospital in 1400 H with capacity of 129. This hospital represents a medical college in the North Western region, it seeks to update and the continued expansion in the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. Witness Hospital, Prince Salman of the Armed Forces Northern Area Western Tabuk expansion in facilities and departments through the addition of more than 332 beds in the center of obstetrics and gynecology and surgery center operations per day and center heart diseases, and added 129 new clinic in the center of the teeth and Maxillofacial Surgery Center Clinics diabetes. It was the first governmental hospital enters laparoscopic technique to the Kingdom in 1991. North West Armed Forces Hospital certified by the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation as a center for organ transplants in North Western region since 1992, it was the first hospital conducted a cardiac catheterization in the north of the country in January 1998, and the first hospital carries out open-heart in the north of the Kingdom in 1420. North West Armed Forces Hospital includes these medical departments: Alternative Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Emergency, Dental, Pharmacy Prince Khalid bin Sultan Center for Medical Studies, Pediatric Intensive Care, Obstetrics & Gynecology unit, Department of  Psychiatry, Prince Sultan Renal Center, and Laboratory. North West Armed Forces Hospital aims to achieve Health Care Quality Service and workplace according to Joint Commission International Standards. North West Armed Forces Hospital Administration in Northwestern Region provides the highest possible quality and safe Medical care and meaningful health protection to the eligible public in all circumstances through its dedicated and highly trained professionals equipped with up-to-date medical technology and through a viable quality management program Using Continuous Quality Improvement Techniques.​

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