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Security Forces Hospital
Security Forces Hospital program is considered one of the main portals among the group of providing health care services in the Kingdom,  the mission of it aims at providing high quality and distinguished health services to individuals, it seeks and be committed to development and improvement of services quality as per the best international standards. The hospital was established in 1396 AH (1975 AD) after being a small dispensary with limited resources in the city of Riyadh, the small dispensary was expanded to contain 120 beds instead of 20 beds in the first phase of construction. While the second phase of construction started in 1402 AH (1981 AD) on an area of land of 65,360 square meters and completed in 1406 AH (1985 AD) until the number of the beds reached to (508) beds. Currently, the hospital is witnessing the launching of new projects aiming at expanding its capacity for the biggest volume of referred individuals, as one new building was built and dedicated for family and community medicine clinics, and eight-storey-tower has been dedicated for specialized medical purposes. Security Forces Hospital exceeded the traditional role of specialized hospitals in providing comprehensive medical care, as it has become an educational and internship institution accredited by Saudi Board of Medical Specialties, in addition, many specialties in the hospital have obtained accreditation from other national and international medical boards. An example of this recognition, the hospital's maternity department was accredited by the British Clinical College of Gynecologists in London, and the recognition of the anesthetization department of the hospital by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland . The recognition of the ophthalmic department of the hospital to be qualified center for training resident physicians for fellowship in ophthalmology by King Saud University. Such accreditation is considered supplementary to the previous accreditations that the hospital could obtain from Arab Board of Medical Specialties which has also accredited the validity of internal medicine specialty.
The hospital contains many modern services, equipment, and medical departments such as to opening catharsis unit, children ICU that was established within the new building of children unit, dialysis unit and supporting it with efficient physicians, children surgery and internal diseases unit, retina diseases unit, endoscopy unit for bladder, intestines, and colon operations in addition to introducing modern surgical techniques such as anastomosis of dacryelcosis through nasal orifice by laser carbon dioxide ray, iridocyclectomy, and introducing laser unit in plastic surgery unit and hand surgery, and MMR unit as well as development of endoscopic surgery in addition to launching the new computer system and the declaration of the inception of Remote communication and Satellite Medicine service to carry out discussions and consultations with other hospitals around the globe about some disease cases.

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