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Saudi Red Crescent
Saudi Red Crescent located in Abbas Ibn Firnas, Al Uraija Al Wusta, Riyadh. In the year 1353 H and was born the idea of creating Ambulance Association charity in the Kingdom, as the first government organization to provide emergency medical service in the Kingdom, and since that date and until this day, medical services, ambulatory emergency move through the stages of development and construction that accompanied the boom in the Kingdom in all health and educational aspects.

Established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association on behalf of the Saudi Red Crescent Society by Royal Decree in the 16/01/1383 H have cryptographic legal for an unlimited period, and its main city of Riyadh, includes activities throughout the Kingdom and its system based on the Geneva Conventions and the principles endorsed by the Conference Crescent and the international Red Cross, have been transferred to the Assembly named the Saudi Red Crescent Authority Council of Ministers resolution on date of 24.12.1429 H. Saudi Red Crescent seek to mitigate calamities and human suffering without discrimination or segregation in the transaction for any reason.

Saudi Red Crescent do many tasks, including,

- Transport sick and injured in accidents and contribute to their treatment and to participate in the fight against epidemics and provide medical services and to participate in the dissemination of health education and the establishment and management of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, clinics and aid stations blood transfusion.

- Provision of health services and medical assistance to the pilgrims and health care in cooperation with the competent departments.

- Insurance of first aid at the scene, and the transfer of sick and injured to treatment centers.

-Contributing to the humanitarian and social services in line with the message of the Red Crescent.

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