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Saudi British Hospital Riyadh

Saudi British Hospital
Saudi British Hospital located at King Fahd Road, opposite Al Anoud Tower, Riyadh. Saudi British Hospital is a private hospital specializes in Obstetric and medical care before and after Childbirth. It is one of the most famous private hospitals is characterized by high medical cadres of devices, medical equipment and laboratories and experienced doctors, and the hospital including obstetrics and gynecology and cosmetology. Saudi British Hospital includes special suites, Queen Suite, Empress Suite, Princess Suite. The hospital includes incubator equipped with latest technology for the care of newborns under the consultant supervision. As well as monitor system the mother for her child in incubator through a television broadcast in the suite to increase reassuring him. The hospital seeks to provide quality medical service in a beautiful and cheerful atmosphere. Saudi British Hospital offers medical services that equipped with the latest technology with regard to the blood bank, laboratory and radiology.

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