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Prince Sultan University Riyadh

Prince Sultan University
Prince Sultan University (PSU) is the first private university in Saudi Arabia , it was established in 1999 as a private college by the Riyadh Philanthropic Society for Sciences then it received the university status in 2003. it is located at Rafha Street in Riyadh, and have more than 3500 students studying in many academic colleges like business administration, computer & information sciences, law, engineering, Humanities, general courses, orientation year program.
Also , it has many scholarship programs like Saudi Arabian student scholarship, and other nationalities students scholarship program, but registering in these scholarship is so easy that it is only 5 steps away, first registering at the university and have student number,  then Bring notice delivered out of a high school diploma Deanship of Admission and Registration, next receive the prove that the scholarship was approved and receiving grants help form, then pay the remaining fees to The students' accounts, finally Bring a receipt of payment to the Office of Grants to Grant for adoption and record the school timetable. PSU including additionally to the Studying college many centers and offices like research and translation center (RTC), Prince margin mining center, student research club, central library, strategy planning and development center (SPDC), quality assurance center (QAC), teaching and learning center (TLC), international affairs office (IAO), center of statics and information (CSI), evaluation and academic acceleration, information Technology and computing services (ITCS).

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