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Ministry Of Water & Electricity Riyadh

Ministry of water & electricity
Ministry Of Water & Electricity located at King Fahd Road, Riyadh. The beginning of water and electricity sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was as follows: The beginning in 1344 when King abdulaziz issued reformation Ain Zubaidah in Makkah and Ain El- Zarka in Madinah. He also ordered his officials to save drinking water to the pilgrims and the Bedouins by digging wells and setting up dams and basins to collect the water of floods on the ways that the pilgrims and the bedouins use in their transportation. In 1348 Hegira, the king Abdel Aziz ordered the top officials to import two sets for intensifying and drilling the salty sea water and that formed a base for a first station for desalting the seawater known by (Kindasa) The departed king realized the importance of electricity in the society and its development , therefore, he gave the priority to illuminate the two holy mosques( the Kaaba mosque and the prophet mosque), the beginning was in 1327 Hegira by illuminating the holy prophet mosque in Madinah from two generators , one was working by coal and another by kerosine. In 1338 Hegira the holy Kaaba mosque has been illuminated. Then water and electricity starting in the cities of the Kingdom City after city. The ministry includes three sectors: water sector, electricity sector and planning and development sector. Water Sector: Deeper wells in the world was drilled in Saudi Arabia in 1380 in Riyadh depth of 3000 m and Saudi Arabia considered as a leader in the field of drilling wells for drinking water over the world.  Electricity Sector: received great interest, generous encouragement and respectable care from the leaders of the country and evidence of this is the great financial and moral support provided by the state and strengthen this important facility and the state constructed the largest plants for generation and conversion, as well as linking regions of the Kingdom with distribution networks and transfer lines for electric power and other infrastructure achievements that have been made in the electricity sector.  Planning and Development Sector: The Ministry of Water and Electricity prepare an integrated program to provide drinking water and implementation of water and sanitation systems and water treatment and reuse through the districts that have been created in all regions of the Kingdom, and it will prepare a comprehensive national plan for water determines the policies that related to water.

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