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Ministry Of Transportation - Riyadh Riyadh

Ministry Of Transportation - Riyadh
Ministry of Transportation located in King Abdulaziz Road, Riyadh. The Ministry of Transport considered as the oldest state facilities that established with the beginning of the founding of Saudi of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Transport is working on the design and implementation of road works and its maintenance, regulate and develop of land and sea transport services within the Kingdom. In 1975 was reformation of the country's ministries and its public institutions and was established a public institution for Ports and other railway then the ministry became responsible for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. In 1977 was established specialized agency for transport at the Ministry of Transportation is responsible for planning and supervising the land and maritime transport sector and it prepares the governing regulations for the different transport activities and issue licenses that necessary for land and sea transport activities. In 2003 the name of Ministry of Communications was changed to Ministry of Transportation. The Ministry of Transport in Saudi Arabia including roads, ports, road transport, railways, maritime transport. Road: The total length of roads carried out by the ministry so far 64,412 km. For Ports: The number of ports now nine ports and all these ports are equipped with the latest equipment and facilities and infrastructure that necessary to receive all modes of marine transport. Land Transport: Includes passenger and goods transport. Railways Foundation oversees the railway line, which opened October 20, 1951 and connects the port of Dammam in the capital Riyadh for the purpose of transporting goods and commodities and food supplies and imported construction kits. The other line which was established in 1985 with length 450-kilometer. Maritime Transport is one of the economic development for various countries in the world it contributes to the transfer of 75% of world trade.

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