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Ministry Of Social Affairs Riyadh

Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry Of Social Affairs located in Riyadh. It has been merged with the Ministry of Labour Under the Name of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Ministry Of Social Affairs created in April, 2004, when the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was split in two. This Ministry is responsible for a range of activities, namely: the fight against begging, social development, social benefits, children and orphans, elderly care, care for the disabled, juvenile care, social protection, social security, social insurance, and social care and development. It has charities and co-operative societies as well as social research. In keeping with the Kingdom's Islamic foundation, the Ministry is charged with ensuring that the less fortunate citizens of Saudi Arabia, the physically or mentally handicapped, the aged and the destitute, are cared for within a humane society. Throughout the Kingdom, facilities for the disabled and those needing rehabilitation have been established.

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