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Ministry Of Labor - Riyadh
Ministry Of Labour located at King Abdulaziz Road, Al Mursalat District, Riyadh. Ministry Of Labour working on organize the employment market through the implementation of the labor rules & regulations, planning the human resources and developing it, provide principal mechanisms to achieve an efficient labor market, develop the skills of Saudi national workers, take care of workers and their families through social protection schemes and creating the public policy of the labor affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the Islamic principles and social justice, in order to achieve the full use, the opportunities of the stable remunerable jobs for the citizens, preparing the work conditions and relations in order to increase the production, improve the living standards and consolidating the human relations between the employers. Ministry Of Labour seeking to maintain effective labor market that helps create productive and sustainable job opportunities. Many changes have occurred in the organization and the tasks of the ministry. In 1/2/1425H the council of the ministers  issued resolution which has separated the ministry of labor & social affairs into two independent ministries ,the first one is dedicated for  labor and the second for the social affairs, in addition to the abolition of the manpower council  and transferring its specialties and powers to the ministry of labor. The resolution has also imposed and ordered that the ministry of labor should assume the responsibility of all the activities pertaining to the labor affairs which was previously performed by the labor affairs agency in the ministry of labor and social affairs and some of those activities are: - The implementation of the rule & regulations, - The affairs related to the labor conflicts and disputes, - Employment in the private sector. The resolution has also stipulated there should be an organizational study for the ministry of labor by the ministerial committee of the administrative organization. Based on that the ministerial committee of the administrative organization agreed on a temporary organizational chart for one year, and after that the permanent organizational chart of the ministry will be approved.

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