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Ministry of Islamic Affairs
Ministry of Islamic Affairs located in Riyadh. It was established in 1424 H to be responsible of Waqfs charity care and the development of notables and affairs of mosques, chapels and maintenance And cleanliness, as well as overseeing the King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran, considering Islamic issues, and cooperating with Islamic societies and centers to help Muslims worship Allah according to the Qur’an, the organization Local and international competitions to save the Book of Allah and recitation, recitation and interpretation, and supervision of the Charities for the memorization of the Koran and support them financially and morally, contribute through previous tasks In achieving development goals both in the provision of various facilities for religious services or at work On the rule of Islamic behavior and social stability and solidarity and Islamic brotherhood. Ministry Of Islamic Affairs includes theses agencies: Agency of Technical and Administrative Affairs, Agency of Mosques, Da’wah, and Guidance Affairs, Agency of Publication and Scientific Research, Agency of Planning and Development and Agency of Islamic Affairs. Ministry Of Islamic Affairs has seven aims: taking care of the recitation, memorization, understanding, and spreading of the Book of Allah, calling people to Islam, directing them to morality, and preserving Islamic values , supporting Islamic minorities, communities, and institutions all over the world and highlighting the role of the Kingdom in this regard, maintaining and taking due care of mosques, Preparing, printing, and publishing Islamic books and research, controlling endowed property and investing the returns of this property and increasing efficiency of performance and improving productivity.

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