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Ministry Of Civil Service - Riyadh Riyadh

Ministry Of Civil Service - Riyadh
Ministry Of Civil Services located in Riyadh. Ministry of Civil Service was established in 1420 to replace the civil service bureau to be responsible for to be responsible for oversee the civil service affairs in the ministries and public government interests and it work on the development of the civil service and raise the efficiency of its employees and to develop rules and procedures for the incumbency and classification and propose salaries, wages, allowances, bonuses and compensation and participation in the survey of jobs and its creation of required to ensure compliance with the rules of the job classification and the preparation of rules and procedures for the protection of State personnel records and cooperate with the Personnel departments in government agencies to gain access to the best ways to implement the rules and regulations and personnel decisions in addition to check staff grievances referred to it by the competent authorities. Currently the civil services Minister is Khaled Alaraj.

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