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Ministry Of Agriculture - Riyadh
Ministry of Agriculture located in Riyadh. It aims to develop and diversity of animal, fishing and agricultural productivity, do developmental research of animal and fish and agricultural wealth and provide preventive and curative services, animal and plant wealth. The Saudi government worked on support and develop the agricultural movement. In 1351 H the State was imported some agricultural machinery and equipment to be distributed to farmers at discounted prices. In 1367 was founded General Directorate for Agriculture and was linked to the Ministry of Finance to do the reclamation of land, improve irrigation, make dams, canals and give loans to farmers and cooperation with some agricultural technical competencies to work in the field of training farmers on modern agricultural tools. In 1373 H, was converted the General Directorate for Agriculture to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water. In 1381 was established Agency for Agricultural Affairs and Agency for Water. In 1385 was issued a decision of the Supreme Committee to Administrative Reform that divides the Ministry of Agriculture to the two main sectors: Agricultural Affairs Sector and Administrative and Financial Affairs sector. In 1390  established an agency for the affairs of the desalination, then in 1394 the agency has turned into a public corporation for Saline Water desalination. In 1397 was established an agency for research and development  agricultural. In 1408 was established Fisheries resources. In 1420 was established the assistance agency for land. In 1425 was established the assistance agency for animal resources. In 1423 the Royal Order was issued to separate the water sector from the Ministry of Agriculture and the appointment of Dr. / Ghazi al-Gosaibi, Minister of Water.

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