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King Khalid University Hospital Riyadh

King khalid university hospital
King Khaled University Hospital (KKUH) is located in Riyadh. This is a teaching hospital, annually serves the needs of a host of ambitious students at the College of Medicine. The opening of the hospital was in 1982. King Khaled University Hospital provide free health services, which possesses highly qualified consultants, carefully chosen physicians, and the finest nursing staff and it includes the most current technological equipment. King Khaled University Hospital offers almost 800 beds, In addition to 20 operating rooms, and a separate building for clinics featuring 161 examination rooms, and other facilities. King Khalid University includes following specialized departments: Radiology - Laboratory - Nursing Department - Habilitation Department - Department Of Anesthesiology - Pharmacy - Department Of Infection Control - Department Of Medical Physiology - Physiotherapy Department.

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