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King Abdulaziz Historical Center Riyadh

King Abdulaziz Historical Center
King Abdulaziz Historical Centre located in Al Murabba District, in the center of Riyadh City, Al khazan Street. The Centre was opened in the fifth of Shawwal 1419 the in centenary of the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. King Abdulaziz Historical Centre situated on 440.000 square meters. King Abdulaziz Historical Center contains many cultural facilities such as: - Public Theme Park that includes 6 main parks and open park, and a number of arenas and oasis of palm, in addition to a water table flowing water in it from old wells at the site, which Characterized the center  by an attractive natural environment. - National Museum occupies seventeen thousand square meters of the eastern side of the the King AbdulAziz Historical Centre. It consists of two floors and a total area of National Museum is  28 thousand square meters. The museum consists of eight main show halls arranged in a historic sequence, the visitor can know it according to architectural design that takes into account chronological order. The museum also contains two halls for temporary shows, as well as administrative offices, stores and public services facilities for visitors and staff. The museum contains numerous of the exhibits include the artifacts, documents and manuscripts. - Agency of Monuments and Museums consist of two floors and situated on three thousand square meters. - King Abdulaziz Hall for lectures, located in the southern part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre overlooking the public theme park with an area of 2,500 square meters. It can accommodate up to 500 people. - King Abdulaziz Public Library Al Murabba - Branch is a charity library located in the southern part of the center with a total area of 9,800 square meters. It contains several halls, including halls to read reference books, and audio-visual hall, hall of manuscripts and rare books, also includes a multi-purpose hall that serves cultural activities of lectures and seminars. - King Abdulaziz Darah is an independent scientific situation that consists of a number of centers and departments which are as follows: Restoration Center and the preservation of historical materials, management of public relations, research and publishing management, Darah Magazine, photo archives and historical films, King Abdulaziz Memorial Hall, Computer Center , geographic information systems Centre,  manuscripts unit, Darah library, documentation center of Saudi royal family history, documentations Centre, Oral History Center, and the Center of researchers. - The Murabba Palace considered as most important elements of the center from a historical perspective. It consists of two floors. - The Red Palace located south of King Abdulaziz Historical Center. - King Abdulaziz Mosque is located in the western side of the main square south of The Murabba Palace. It can accommodate 4,200 men in addition to there is a prayer hall for women. - Almady Mosque located in the eastern part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Center. It can accommodate 500 worshipers and a high of its minaret is about 18 meters. King Abdulaziz Historical center has received numerous awards including:  award of King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein for creativity, Award of Prince Sultan bin Salman for Architectural Heritage.  King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre considered as the most important landmarks in the capital Riyadh, it is the largest cultural center in the Kingdom so most nationalities from over the world come to enjoy in it.

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