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Farabi University Hospital Dental Riyadh

Farabi University Hospital Dental
Al- Farabi University Hospital is located in King Abdullah Road, Al Khaleej District, Riyadh. Al- Farabi University Hospital Specializes in Dentistry and aims to provide the best services for the patients through offers the latest necessary medical tools and materials. The opening of the hospital was at the beginning of the first semester of 2011 - 2012. It was then contains 230 dental chair is equipped with the latest equipment. Al- Farabi University Hospital includes Student Clinics, Consultative Clinics and Isolated Clinics for Infectious Diseases. - The number of students’ clinics is 257.-  Al- Farabi University Hospital includes 7 consultative clinics staffed by a number of doctors in all various specialties of dentistry. - Isolated Clinics for Infectious Diseases has two private clinics to treat patients who are carriers of infectious diseases. Al- Farabi University Hospital includes Department Of Radiology that  provides the highest level of care to patients through the latest high quality hardware under the supervision of qualified and trained staff and includes 10 rooms isolated by lead. There are 7 devices for the simple dental radiation and 3 devices for panoramic and cephalometric radiation, spread over 3 areas in different parts of the hospital. Al- Farabi University Hospital also includes Department of sterilization that equipped with modern instruments which have the highest quality standards.  Sterilization section consists of three areas: Washing Area, Packaging Area, Sterilization and Delivery Area.

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