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Dr Abdul Rahman AL-Mishari Hospital Riyadh

Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Mishari Hospital
Dr. Abdul Rahman Al - Mishari Hospital located in Olaya District, Riyadh. The hospital includes several specializes and fully equipped by the latest technology provided by the most famous international medical-equipment suppliers. Dr. Abdul Rahman Al - Mishari Hospital providing medical services under the supervision of excellent medical and nursing staff that had been carefully selected. For 24 years Al Mishari Hospital has been providing high quality of Medical Care to its patients. Al - Mishari Hospital includes 122 beds and provides the following services :  Labor and Delivery / Nursery Complex - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Special Baby Care and Nursery / Obstetrics - Gynecology and IVF / Pediatrics / Internal and General Medicine / Pulmonology / Neurology / Urology and Lithotripsy / Kidney Dialysis / Ophthalmology / Cardiology / ENT / Orthopedic / Psychiatry / Dermatology/ Facial and Hair treatment / Dental / Physiotherapy - Fitness and Slimming Center / Radiology -  Ultrasonography - Magnetic Resonance and CT / Pharmacy / Plastic Surgery /Pedia Cardiology / ICU - CCU.

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