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Al Osrah International Hospital Riyadh

Al Osrah International Hospital
Al Osrah International Hospital located in Abdullah Ibn Halwan Street, Al Uraija Al Gharbiyah District, Riyadh. Al Osrah International Hospital has been established for more than 10 years, where it was the first of its kind to serve the Riyadh area - Al Uraija District, The hospital is with capacity of 50 beds, it also contains the latest devices and equipment and it includes radiology unit, and laboratory, also includes a modern and equipped operations section, and intensive care room and insulation room also has clinics in all disciplines:  - General surgery and plastic surgery and burns department - Department of Internal Medicine and Endoscopes - Obstetrics and Gynecology Department - Department of Physical Therapy - Department of intensive Physical therapy for children - Incubation and neonatal care - Dental department - Children department - Department of Dermatology and Cosmetic - Clinic of pronunciation and conversational and psychological rehabilitation. - Psychiatric and neurological clinic. Al Osrah International Hospital seeks to provide the highest levels of quality in the integrated health care through a good team work and with using the latest cutting-edge devices, as the hospital always seeks to be a leading hospital in the field of integrated health care, by providing everything that is modern in the field of medicine, and it working on provision a special and qualified medical staff.

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