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Al Iman Hospital Riyadh

Al Iman Hospital
Al Iman Hospital located in Islamabad Street, Al Mansoura, Riyadh. Al Iman Hospital is a governmental hospital, it was opened official on 10-2-1418 H, it is with capacity of 215 beds. The hospital building consists of two floors and a basement, in addition to the supportive services buildings and leisure center,  and buildings for housing and a mosque, and a separate outpatient building has been built in 1428. Al Iman Hospital includes these departments - Department of Surgery: General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Glands surgery Neurosurgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery as well as the Department of Endoscopy. - Department of Internal Medicine: Department of General Internal Medicine, Cardiology Department, Dialysis Department, intensive care unit, Cardiac care. - Pediatric Department: Newborn children Department, Department of premature children care, - Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Department of Radiology: which contains CT scan and other radiological examinations. Laboratory Department: that meets the needs of the hospital of analysis, Department of Microbiology ,and Department of Examine Tissue,  and Department of Blood Bank. - Pharmacy Department. - Medical records Department. - Medical Reports Department. - Department of Ophthalmology. - Department of Dental. Al Iman Hospital seeks to be one of the leading public hospital in the Kingdom through the provision of high-quality health service according to accreditation standards of health services.

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