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Al Hamra Mall Riyadh

Al Hamra Mall
Al Hamra Mall is located in Sheikh Hasan Ibn Hussain Ibn Ali Road, King Faisal, Riyadh. The build up area is 77,969 square meters and the leasable area is 51,787 square meters. Al Hamra Mall consists of two floors and has more than 189 stores from local and international brands, and includes a numerous food outlets and coffee shops, where it has a number of important international restaurants that offers food from stylish and contemporary international brands to many family eateries appealing to all ages; each with its own distinctive aspect designed to satisfy all customers tastes. Of the most famous restaurants in Al Hamra Mall: Herfy, Burger King, Simit Sarayi Cafe, MammaRoti Cafe and other restaurants and coffee shops. Moreover, Al Hamra Mall contains a theme park dedicated to children featuring - Billy Beez, the world’s largest indoor playground to keep kids entertained. The entire play structure is built as a soft-play environment to ensure safety goes hand in hand with fun.

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