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Al Hammadi Hospital
Al Hammadi Hospital located in Khalid Ibn Yazid Ibn Muawiya Road, Al Olaya, Riyadh. It was established in 1985. Al Hammadi Hospital provides medical services at the highest level of care and includes a number of various disciplines. Al Hammadi Hospital offers a wide range of medical care services in its outpatient clinics and inpatient hospitalization departments with 20 medical specialties as well as ambulance and emergency services, medical laboratory, radiology, and 3 outpatient pharmacies. The hospital includes these departments: - Surgery ( General Surgery - Neurosurgery - Bones - Urinary Tract - Eyes - Vascular Surgery - Plastic Surgery - Ear, Nose, Throat). - Internal Diseases (Heart - Lungs - Dermatology - Kidney - Digestive System - Nerves - Mental Illness - Chest). - Pediatrics (Heart - Intensive Care Unit for Premature babies born - Nerves - General Children - Nursery - Pediatric Surgery - Intensive Care Unit for Children). - Obstetrics and Gynecology (Natural birth - Cesarean delivery - Gynecology - Infertility treatment). - Dentistry (Oral Surgery and Dentistry - Orthodontics - Treating Dental Nerves - Fixed Mobile Prosthodontics - Gum Treatment). - Emergency and ambulance (Internal Medicine - Pediatrics - Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynecology). - Rehabilitation (Physical therapy with exercise - electrocuted physical therapy - Fitness rehabilitation Program). - Other Services (Integrated analyzes X-ray laboratory - Inpatient pharmacy working around the clock). Al Hammadi Hospital consists of six adjacent buildings and contains hospitalization suites, operating rooms. Al Hammadi Hospital Al Olaya Branch is with capacity of 300 beds, and 74 outpatient clinics, and 12 operating theater. Al Hammadi Hospital aims to be the best private health care provider in the kingdom.

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