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Ministry Of Finance - Najran
Ministry of Finance Saudi Arabia has several branches around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Finance Najran branch is located at King Abdulaziz Road, Najran City. The main tasks of the Ministry of Finance: - Proposing the general financial policy and financial plans that supporting stability and economic growth, - The continued development of financial, tax and customs systems and supervise their implementation, - Carry out the functions of the State Treasury, - Supervising the application of rules and procedures of government warehouses, - Conducting research and financial studies. Ministry of Finance seeking to be distinct institution in accordance with international best practices, contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency in the development of the financial system and financial management in the Kingdom, and in the management and development of government revenues. General Directorate of Finance was established in 1927.  Royal Order was issued in 1932 changing the name of the General Directorate of Finance to the Ministry of Finance, thus becoming the second ministry to be established after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Finance was made responsible for regulating, managing and securing the collection of state funds, and their expenditures, and became the general authority for financial matters in the Kingdom. In 1936, as the activities of the Ministry of Finance expanded in scope, a number of general directorates were established within the ministry, including the Petroleum and Minerals Directorate, the Public Works Directorate, and the Customs Directorate, in addition to special bureaus concerned with corporations, development projects, cash, Zakah, revenue, and Hajj Affairs.  In order to meet the requirements of economic expansion, Ministerial Order was issued in 1951 establishing a bureau to monitor economic affairs and issues related to various international organizations set-up in accordance with the Security Council resolutions and the United Nations decisions, and also official regional conferences. Royal Decree was issued in 1953 establishing the Ministry of Economy to replace the Bureau for Economic Affairs. Royal Decree was issued in 1954 merging the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance into a single ministry called the Ministry of Finance and National Economy. Royal Order was issued in 2003 transferring responsibility for economic activity from the above-mentioned ministry to the Ministry of Planning and thus changing the name of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy to the Ministry of Finance, and the name of the Ministry of Planning to the Ministry of Economy and Planning. Mr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan.

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