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King Khalid Hospital
King Khaled Hospital located in Najran City, Saudi Arabia Kingdom. The hospital was opened in 25-6- 1404. it was situated on 450 acres, with a capacity of 200 beds. at the first five years the hospital have been relying on the medical team from Germany featuring doctors from all disciplines and nursing staff and was contracted with nurses from the State of South Korea. The hospital includes - Emergency department: Opened in 1431 is the first department that has been developed in the hospital, it is with capacity of 30 beds and equipped with a sufficient number of modern and equipped ambulances.  - The Intensive Care Unit: In 1430 was the expansion of the intensive care department in King Khaled Hospital in Najran, which included providing it with the latest equipment and increased clinical capacity to accommodate more than 38 patients after they had a capacity of 9 patients only.  - Department of Diagnostic Endoscopy and Binoculars of Gastrointestinal surgery: This department has been developed and updated and allocate to it  a new site that separated from the old operating rooms, and then was provided this department with diagnostic and surgical binoculars of Digestive system, and it was provided with sterilization rooms. Making it possible to perform thousands of operations diagnostic endoscopy of Digestive system. - Burns Unit and Plastic Surgery: This department was developed and  increased the number of intensive care beds for cases of burns from 4 to become 8 modern beds. - Department of Digital Operating Rooms: The digital operating rooms at the King Khaled Hospital in Najran consists of nine operating rooms in a separate building and this department aims to take advantage of the large and rapid developments in digital technology, which enables doctors to perform operations for patients meticulously. - Prince Sultan Cardiac Center: began actual operation of the center in 1433 and managed to make many diagnostic and therapeutic catheter, and managed to conduct the first open-heart operation with all the efficiency and success at the level of the southern sectors of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia. The center is equipped with many medical advanced and global devices with best technologies in this field, as well as two labs for cardiac catheterization operations. - Center of Treatment and Diseases Diabetes: The center began operating in 1433H, and now receives follow-up cases of diabetes through outpatient center daily, and offers specialized services for the treatment and follow-up of diabetes. - Center for Dentistry: provide dental services from the third level, where the center receives all the reviewers who transferred from dental clinics that is in hospitals and health centers internal and external region, the clinics increased from 9 to become currently 12 integrated dental clinic. - Center of Ophthalmology: The ophthalmology center is considered as one of surgical departments at the hospital, it has begun its services since the opening of the hospital in 1404 and it is the only specialist center Najran Region. The center includes specialized clinics and rooms for examination and measuring seeing, every clinic equipped with an integrated examination unit. - Sterilization Department: This department has been developed and updated with sterilization devices according to the latest international technologies. - Department of Radiology: This department consists of catheter and Interventional Radiology room, and three rooms for CT Scan, and two rooms for Magnetic Resonance, and 3 rooms for sound rays and angiography, and three other movable devices for emergency and intensive care unit. This department was provided with a number of modern devices that were not available before.

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