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Souk Al Diyafa Mecca

Souk Al Diyafa, or Al Diyafa Mall as some people call it, is one of Mecca Malls located at Qasr Ad Diyafa. The Mall attracts many local residents and tourists, for it has an elegant design, besides containing lots of international brands markets. The main building of the Mall consists of 4 floors, the ground and upper floor are used as car parking The Mall includes places for family gathering and separate place for women and youth, as well as children playground and several international restaurant such as Al-Baik Express, Chinese and Indonesian Restaurants, and markets for hot and cold beverages and ice cream The Mall also features number of events and marketing and energizing festivals all the year, starting in summer holiday and Umrah seasons for 3 months during Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. Shawwal is a vacation. Events continue in Hajj season and ends by the end of Hijri year to guarantee trust of clients

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