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Reyaa Bakhsh Mecca

Reyaa Bakhsh is a mountain of high level separating Ajyad Al Masafi from Kadi. It is located in the eastern south of the Holy Haram. Its name is attributed to doctor at Ajyad Hospital called Mohammad Saeed Bakhsh who was the mountain owner, and when the Saudi government planned to implement Ajyad Kadi Road project, the mentioned doctor offered the land as a donation to execute and accomplish Reyaa Bakhsh development project.  The area was developed; new tunnels linking the east and west of Mecca and vise versa were established and traffic at Reyaa Bakhsh became urgent and necessary for the sake of easy approach to the Holy Haram from the south side. Reyaa Bakhsh turned to be the nearest location to the Holy Haram and it also witnessed construction of high buildings contributing in the accommodation of pilgrims and performers of Umrah

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