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Muzdalifah Mecca

 Muzdalifah is called Al-Mashar Al-Haram with an area of 963 hectares. It is located near Mecca City between Mina and Mount Arafat in the eastern south of Mina. Mashar of Muzdalifah is the natural extension of Mina Valley in the eastern area where the Fire Valley flowing from north to south separate them. Muzdalifah is also extended towards Arafat and it is a non-building place except the mosque situated on Al-Mashar Al-Haram. Muzdalifah is the place where Pilgrims accommodate when they stay their night at Arafah. There are rituals mentioned in Holy Quran and Sunna to be performed by Muslims, for instance, they have to move towards Muzdalifah before sunset in Arafah Day. After that, they combine prayers of Maghrib and Isha in the time of Maghrib with one Adhan and stay their night at Muzdalifah till dawn. Then, they move towards Al-Mashar Al-Haram. 

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