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Misfalah Mecca

Misfalah is one of the historic areas of Mecca City. It is 2 km far from the Holy Haram and  distinguished for multi-nationalities and ethnicities since long time ago. Its name is attributed to geographic low level from the Holy Haram; people of Mecca calls each lower than the Holy Haram level location from the south Misfalah and each location higher than the Holy Haram from the north they call  Al Bokhariya Street opposite to Al Hamidiyah borders Misfalah from the middle and Al Mansouri House from the east. Al Sagheer Market borders it from the western north and Al Sharashef Mountain borders it from the south side, towards Abu Tabanga Mountain where Babor Al Kakey is. Among Misfalah neighborhoods and areas are Dahl Et Al Rushd, Al Welaya, Abu Tabanga, Al Kenkariah, Al Kadwa, Qawz Al Nikasa, and Al Kakey

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