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King Abdullah Medical City Mecca

King Abdullah Medical City
King Abdullah Medical City is located at Mecca City. It is one of the largest medical cities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with beds capacity of 1500. It offers its services for local citizens and residents and Al Rahman guests, which indicates the Saudi Government concern of citizens comfort, as well as featuring special and sufficient medical care and services for those who are in need to them and meeting the increasing demand in the holy capital. There are over 2000 doctors, assistants, and people of other jobs work in the city in order to offer medical care for the city guests. The city consists of 5 floors with a main building containing 1500 beds as mentioned. 500 beds are allocated for special cases in the general hospital, in addition to 5 hospitals specialized in heart diseases, neuroses, tumors, rehabilitation, and eyes surgery. Moreover, there are points of retail sale, hotel, mosque, and accommodations for hospital workers. The city is decided to offer kindergartens and primary schools for hospital workers children

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