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Albayt Medical Center
Albayt Medical Center located in Abraj Al Bait, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Albayt Medical Center is a Private therapeutic Foundation, it is a branch of the Saudi Binladin Group, it established under the umbrella of the parent company, which is Medex Healthcare Services Ltd, Albayt Medical Center is the first multipurpose Medical Center in the world, adjoining the Holy Haram – Makkah. This center offers an integrated medical services to the highest levels of service and personal care with modern approach and according to international standards conforming to the quality standards. Albayt Medical Center has a medical team at the highest level of expertise, training and use of modern equipment in the diagnosis, treatment and observation, and the staff is also ready to move to first aid and visits home or in the hotel at any time around clock Albayt Medical Center offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, including: Emergency Department, Department of Outpatient Clinics, Department of Dental Services, Emergency Intensive Observation Unit, Musculoskeletal Center, Rapid Action Team, Emergency Transfers, Conferences and Special events, Nursing Facility for the elderly, Nutrition and Dietary Services, Holistic Medicine, Home Healthcare Services, Management Consultancies.

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