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Technical College for Girls
Technical College for Girls located in Jeddah. In the training year 1428 H - 1429 H was opened the technical college for girls in Jeddah. The college offers all contributions in the field of training development and make it be more effective to promote programs and projects of the saudi comprehensive development. The college aims at contribute to meet the needs of the Kingdom of expertise qualified technically in various fields required by the labor market today. The College seeks to prepare the Saudi girl to carry out activities and services that contribute to the raising of the national economy, and to have an Islamic culture and general culture, which contributes to ability of understanding and thinking and adapt to different environments and training the girl distinct training enhances the ability to be creative and global competition to her, and that by providing the scientific basis to enable them to respond to the rapid technological development and technical sciences, and emphasize the importance of manual and professional work and their role in the prosperity of the communities and the college is working on the rehabilitation and development of national human resources in technical and professional fields, according to the demand of the labor market for women, Provide training programs for quality and efficiency, which qualifies trainee to get the right job in the labor market that makes her able to exercise self-employment, and increasing awareness of the importance of working in technical and professional fields among the community and provide a creative environment for training on life, and create a safe working environment. Technical College for Girls in Jeddah aims to achieve global leadership in the training of  professional women cadres and implement technical and training programs with high quality that meet the needs of the female labor market.

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