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Red Sea Mall

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The Red Sea Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Jeddah City with more than 242 thousand square meters of built-up area; it is located in Jeddah at the north of King Abdulaziz Road. The mall has 18 entrances to facilitate the access of the visitors wherever they parked their cars, it contains a five stars’ hotel, seven story office building, and both external and covered parking areas.
Red Sea Mall contains many different shops, making a special blend of international and local brands, also, it has variety of restaurants, cafes and diners. It has become a symbol of entertainment at Jeddah City, providing entertainment to all the visitors, specially to the children. As you enter the ground floor of the mall, you will find “In 10 So”, which contains various of fun activities including: carting, climbing, bowling, and much more for your child to discover, and on the first floor, you will find “Oceanica” which reflects an exciting adventure in every ride your child would take, also, he may mix knowledge with fun at “Grow to Glow “center.
In addition to the shops and diners, you will find Khan Al-Khalili and Al-Andalusia bazaars, where you will find different kind of goods to buy and traditional dishes to eat and enjoy.
Elaf Hotel which is a five stars’ hotel is also found at the Red Sea mall, you may take a rest in one of the 156 luxurious rooms of the hotel or have a special meal in the first class restaurant of the hotel.

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