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Mostaqbal Hospital
Al Mostaqbal Hospital located in Mohammad Fida Street, Al Thagher District, Jeddah. Al Mostaqbal is a recognized by the International Medical Institute and the Royal College of Britain. The hospital seeks to provide quality medical care at affordable prices to all members of the community, especially the residents of Jeddah and around it. Al Mostaqbal Hospital has attracted more than 60 doctors, it includes 20 medical specialties as well as large numbers of technicians and administrators. Al Mostaqbal Hospital is considered the first private hospital in the city of Jeddah, it was established in 1976 when the hospital was founded as Daghestani Hospital, In 1998, after being acquired by Sheik Salah Ahmed Idris, the hospital was renamed Al Mostaqbal Hospital He has rehabilitated the building and enable to double its bed capacity from 50 to a 110 beds, and the hospital equipped with modern medical devices. This was the first step towards Al Mostaqbal Hospital’s mission to become a pioneer in providing an elite and affordable secondary health care service. The new birth sections and infertility section were opened in 2003 In 2005, Al Mostaqbal Hospital gained the Makkah Region Quality Program  accreditation. The hospital’s outstanding performance saw it score among the top 5 out of almost 200 private hospitals in Jeddah. In 2006, As part of its continuous efforts to meet and exceed patients’ expectations, ensure their wellbeing and increase their satisfaction, a new Central Sterile Services Department and a new Laundry Department were opened in 2006. In 2012 saw Al Mostaqbal Hospital undergo another series of substantially key renovations. The Intensive Care Unit was redeveloped and the number of its beds was doubled. A new area was built for the new Magnetic Resonance Imaging Department. An additional new Outpatient Department with 9 clinics was built. Further renovations saw an increase of 15 beds for first floor clinics, an expansion of the VIP rooms to a total of 11 rooms, an increase in size of the operating rooms. Al Mostaqbal Hospital includes these medical departments: Internal Medicine, Emergency Department, Cardiology, General Surgery, Ear, Nose, Throat Department, Orthopedic Surgery, Intensive Care Unit,, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Radiology, Anesthesia, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dental, Dermatology, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, and Nursing.

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