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Ministry Of Energy, Industry And Mineral Resources Jeddah

Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources
Ministry of Energy, Industry And Mineral Resources located in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia Kingdom, This ministry was formerly known as the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and in 2016  was changed the name to become Ministry of Energy, Industry And Mineral Resources. It is responsible for the management, development and exploitation of oil, gas and mineral resources in Saudi, and it was founded the in 1380. This Ministry aims to Sustainable development of the industry, oil and gas, mining in all stages to achieve higher added value for the national economy, and Working on the discovery and exploitation of oil and gas resources in the Kingdom, and minerals, and to achieve higher returns. The main tasks for this ministry are: - Supervision and monitoring of the work of the oil companies in the kingdom in regard to exploration and production, - Follow-up studies and research provided by the operating companies for the purpose of analysis and assessment, and find out how to take advantage of them in the development of the completed fields and the discovery of new fields, - Monitoring oil and natural gas production to make sure that the quantity produced identical with its specific policies, according to the relevant fields in advance, - Auditing oil companies to make sure of revenues of state and expenses of companies. Dr. Khalid Al Faleh is the minister of Ministry of Energy, Industry And Mineral Resources.

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