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King Abdulaziz Hospital Oncology Center Jeddah

King Abdulaziz Hospital Oncology Center
King Abdulaziz Hospital located in the south of the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Kingdom. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Health, it was established in 1990 which is considered to be one of the newest and finest  Ministry of Health hospitals . The hospital was built and designed to the latest international standards, over an area of 200 thousand square meters and the total area of the hospital, 201,500 square meters and 103,704 square meters green surfaces. It includes 445-bed for various medical specialties, the hospital provide inpatient service and outpatient clinics for different age groups of patients. King Abdulaziz Hospital includes multinational functional Cadre, in addition to Saudi Arabia's Cadre, there are more than twenty nationalities working in various departments at the hospital, and that all members of the medical staff possess the highest qualifications and a license for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. King Abdulaziz Hospital provides health services in all disciplines such as surgery departments, internal medicine departments, children's department, gynecology and obstetrics department, accident and emergency department, and rehabilitation center as well as Allied Healthcare Services such as: Radiology diagnostic, laboratory and pharmacy. A number of specialized medical centers affiliated with King Abdulaziz Hospital such as: Center of rehabilitation and physical therapy, in addition to cardiopulmonary resuscitation the only authorized training center in Jeddah province, which was opened in 1430 and is equipped with all the teaching aids. In 1432 dissented Oncology Center of King Abdulaziz Hospital and joined to King Abdullah Medical City. The hospital got on recognition of the Arab Board for Medical Specialties and of the British Royal College for all four major disciplines in the hospital (Surgery - Internal Medicine -  gynecology and obstetrics - Children). The hospital is working seven days a week and 24 hours a day through the Accident and Emergency Department, and is offered outpatient services at nine in the morning until half past three o'clock in the afternoon in seven days a week except for Thursday and Friday.

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