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Jeddah International College
Jeddah International College located in Taiba District, Jeddah. It is a private college operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. The college includes an eclectic and distinguished faculty recruited from the best organizations all around the world, to provide a prime future generation of young professional. The college seeking to be a leading private higher education provider in the areas of design and Business, through the excellence of our curricula and the fostering of a creative, supportive learning community. Jeddah International College aims to create an environment that disseminates knowledge through world-class undergraduate and graduate educational programs, to be a role model in facilitating excellent community services and engagement in social responsibilities, to attain global recognition for Jeddah International College’s competence in empowerment of its graduates through outstanding education and excellent research, to foster a multicultural community. the college working on provide the areas of design and business in higher education. with the college awareness of global and local market requirements, and by designing specific programs to foster a creative and supportive learning community to satisfy the local market demands, the college committed to provide an edifying education aiming to prepare and qualify graduates and empowering them with critical thinking to start their own businesses and hold leadership positions in their fields and their specialties, allowing them to make a positive impact on their environment.

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