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International Medical Center
International Medical Center located in the Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia Kingdom. It is a private hospital includes specialized centers provide health and rehabilitative care. International Medical Center aims to make a unique approach of healing by applying the best global healthcare standards, the hospital is also keen to provide the latest equipment and the best equipped medical facilities. International Medical Center was opened in 2006 with a capacity of 300 beds and includes more than 100 internal clinic with all disciplines, International Medical Center contains the following sections: - Specialty Centers (Cardiac Center, Children's Health Center, Diabetes Center, Diet and Nutrition Clinic, Musculoskeletal Center, Oncology Center, Pain & Headache Center, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Center, Women's Health Center, Assisted Reproductive Unit). - Clinical Departments( Dental Center, Family Medicine Center, Complementary Medicine Department, Gastroenterology Department, Internal Medicine Department ,Nephrology Department, Dialysis Unit , Neurology Department Psychiatry Clinic, Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Department, Medical Technology, Operating Theaters, Intensive Care Unit, Medical Imaging Center). - Surgical Services (General Surgery, Advanced Minimally Invasive and Bariatric, Surgeries Center, ENT Department, Eye Center, Urology and Andrology Department, Vascular Surgery Section). - Allied Healthcare Services (Emergency Department, Home Health care, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy Services, Rehabilitation Center). These services are delivered by more than 150 US, Canadian and European certified physicians in more than thirty specialties including Orthopedics, Cardiology, Oncology, Women's Health and Children's Health.

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