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Hala Essa Bin Laden Hospital Jeddah

Hala Essa Bin Laden Hospital
Dr. Hala Essa Bin Laden Hospital located in Ibrahim Adham, Al-Hamra'a District, Jeddah, the hospital seeks to offer competitive medical services with quality and international patient safety measures, to be  the best private healthcare provider in region. Dr. Hala Essa Bin Laden Hospital is considered a leading hospital dealing with health care in the city of Jeddah, Dr. Hala Essa Bin Laden Hospital  aims to provide a high level of health care to all individuals, citizens and expatriates alike, and that application of the principle of "health for all" worked the hospital to develop and set up medical facilities specializing able to provide advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services for many patients and is keen hospital to apply the continuous development of administrative systems and methods of patient care policy and to update the medical equipment for the purpose of maintaining readiness to provide excellent medical services. Dr. Hala Essa Bin Laden Hospital includes a high qualified human resources with expertise and diagnostic skills and treatment to serve the desired goals. The hospital had completed the run comprehensive link information system linking all departments and sections to each other through a sophisticated hospital management system so that workers in the organization can access what they need of information through computers in their departments and employ this information in planning for the management of medical care. Dr. Hala Essa Bin Laden Hospital includes these clinics and departments:

- Orthopedic department: it provides services ranging from reception pathological cases even complete healing and, and rehabilitation of the post-surgical intervention treatment.

- Neurosurgery Department: it is considered one of the finest and most recent neurosurgery departments in the entire region. . 

- Department of General Surgery.

- Nose, ear and throat department: it is a modern and sophisticated unit, dealing with disease and surgery, ear, nose and throat, head and neck.

- Department of skin and cosmetic laser: it is modern and sophisticated and includes the latest laser device. With an elite of Outstanding doctors in dermatology and other.

- Kids Department: it covers pediatric clinics consultant doctors over 24 hours per day, and includes a section nurseries latest devices in the Kingdom.

- Department of sciatica and childbirth: it includes a great selection of Outstanding doctors. The annexation of private rooms equipped with the latest tools in addition to the integrated operating rooms.

- Department of Internal Medicine: it includes Department of Internal consultants and specialists in this specialization is working to provide the best care for the patient medical section.

- Heart Department: it includes the latest electrocardiograph machines. Works by the best doctors also features many services. Nursing care and distinct.

- Urology Department: it treat cases of Urology at the reproductive adults, children and female, through a modern and sophisticated group of devices that help doctors working section to provide the latest treatment services.

- Dental Department: it includes a selection of dental specialists who are working to provide the best medical care to their patients.

- Department of Ophthalmology: it equipped with the latest equipment in the world to diagnose and treat most eye diseases.

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