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Fakieh Aquarium Jeddah

Fakieh Aquarium
Fakieh Aquarium is located in Al Corniche Road, Al Shati, Next to Al Nawras, Jeddah. Faqih Aquarium can accommodate 14,000 visitors every 12 hours a day.

Faqih Aquarium is a favorite destination for the whole family, where families can also enjoy the amazing Dolphin and Seal Lion show everyday, and later on this year, they will the the opportunity to swim with the Dolphins, as well as it includes cafes and restaurants, and there is an allocated area of five thousand square meters as parking can accommodate 200 cars distributed on two floors, in addition to external areas.

It is the only aquarium for the public in Saudi Arabia and offers education and entertainment by presenting the wonders of the underwater environment of the Red Sea and marvels brought from other seas and oceans around the world.

With more than 200 species including Sharks, Groupers, Stingrays, Napoleon Wrasse, Sea Horses, Murray's amongst others, the Fakieh Aquarium aim to continue expanding the seaworld life with the introduction of the unique Sea Dragon later on this year.

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