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Effat University located in Jeddah City. Effat University is a degree-granting institution fully licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education of Saudi Arabia. Effat University is the first leading private nonprofit institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia, operating under the umbrella of King Faisal’s Charitable Foundation. Effat University was established in 1999 and it is strengthened by the legacy of its founder, Effat Al Thunayan, wife of the late King Faisal. Effat University seeking to emerge as one of the world's leading academic institutions through the enrichment of knowledge, professional practice and culture and to qualify tomorrow's competitive leaders with a world-class education by providing an interdisciplinary environment conducive to research, community service, and life-long learning. It aims to Substantially increase the professional development of Effat administrative staff, Substantially increase, research and scholarly output and activities, Further develop and strengthen the University's relations and interactions with the community. The campus of university with an area of 82,000 square meters. On January 30, 2009, it became Effat College Effat University. The opening of the three colleges, and the establishment of research and consulting institute, and the success in academic, educational level and social, paving the way to become a university, On 2011, Effat University obtained approval for its first graduate program is Masters in Islamic Financial Management, Effat University consists of the following departments: College of Engineering: (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Systems departments), College of Architecture and Design: (Architecture, Visual and Digital Production, and Design departments), College of Business: (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Operation and Information Management, and Entrepreneurship), College of Humanities and Social Sciences: (English and Translation and Psychology departments). The president of Effat University is Dr. Haifa Reda Jamalallail.

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