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Corniche Shopping Center

Rayatna For Furnished Apartments 3 - Standard Double Room (2 Adults)

Source: Abdul Rahman

Sorry but We have no availability here between and

You may book from below hotels!

Hotels near this landmark Corniche Shopping Center

Al Nahda Hotel

Al Nahda Hotel

Al Mina

0.7 km away

SR 97

Al Azhar Hotel Jeddah

Al Azhar Hotel Jeddah

Madinah Road,21452

1.1 km away

SR 230

Qasr Al Mosaidya - Hira

Qasr Al Mosaidya - Hira

Hira Street,13009

1.1 km away

SR 140

Al Riyadh Hotel

Al Riyadh Hotel

King Khaled Road, Al Safwa street 8066

2.5 km away

SR 190

Qasr Al Hamra Hotel  -sharafiyah Branch

Qasr Al Hamra Hotel -sharafiyah Branch

3rd Class

King Abdullah Road,21573

2.8 km away

SR 127.70

Al-Hamra Palace

Al-Hamra Palace

Andalus Road - opposite the beach - near the United Doctors Hospital

3 km away

SR 127.70

Massaya Hotel Apartments

Massaya Hotel Apartments

3rd Class

Al Uqusur Street

3.4 km away

SR 120

Al Hofuf Hotel

Al Hofuf Hotel

King Fahd Road 7368 0125, 23218

4.3 km away

SR 190

Taj Saba Furnished Units

Taj Saba Furnished Units

Bakhashab Street

4.3 km away

SR 110.70

Taj Al Worood Hotel

Taj Al Worood Hotel

Abdullah Sulaiman street

4.3 km away

SR 246.90

Assal Hotel Apartments

Assal Hotel Apartments

3123 Muhyi Ad Din An Nadhir 7660

4.4 km away

SR 172

Manazeli Al Kurnish Hotel

Manazeli Al Kurnish Hotel

Muhyi Ad Din An Nadhir

4.5 km away

SR 215

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Nearest landmark

AL-Mahmal Center

Al Malik Abdul Aziz, Al-Balad, Jeddah 22233, Saudi Arabia

0.3 km away from city center

Dr. Khalid Idriss Hospital

3791 الصابر, Al Ammariyah District, Al Ammariyah District, 7947, Jeddah 22237, Saudi Arabia

1.5 km away from city center

Al Noor Medical Centre

6300 Ahmad Al Mabadi, Al Kandarah District, Al Kandarah District,, Jeddah 22242, Saudi Arabia

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Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic

King Khalid Road, Al-Sharafeyah, phone 6533636, Jeddah 22234, Saudi Arabia

2 km away from city center

Ministry of Labor and Development

7749 Al Madaris, Al Baghdadiyah Ash Sharqiyah District, حي البغدادية الشرقية، 2355, Jeddah 22241, Saudi Arabia

2.2 km away from city center

Jeddah National Hospital

Al Kandarah, Jeddah 22242, Saudi Arabia

2.4 km away from city center

Abuzinadah Hospital

Al Mudun, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah, Jeddah 22234, Saudi Arabia

2.5 km away from city center

United Doctors Hospital

Al Jazirah, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah 22231, Saudi Arabia

2.7 km away from city center

Effat University

Al-Nazlah Al-Yamaniyah, Jeddah 22332, Saudi Arabia

3.1 km away from city center

International Medical Center

Hail, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah 23214, Saudi Arabia

3.2 km away from city center

Magrabi Eye, Ear & Dental Hospital

Al-Nazlah Al-Yamaniyah, Jeddah 22333, Saudi Arabia

3.4 km away from city center

Jeddah Corniche

Corniche Rd, Jeddah, Makkah Province Saudi Arabia

3.9 km away from city center


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