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Corniche Shopping Center Jeddah

Corniche Shopping Center
Corniche Shopping Center located in Al Balad District, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. It is a family shopping where it includes all family kits with low-cost prices. "Corniche Shopping Center" has got award the best shopping mall in the Middle East from the system of global trade centers in Switzerland, due to it is a famous center and it featuring unique location in the heart of Jeddah City and contains international brands in clothes, perfume, watches, jewelry, gifts, toys, electrical devices, and Corniche shopping Center characterized by its capacity to meet all needs of its customers. It consists of 11 floors and has 10 entrances and includes 252 an exhibition with different spaces and 312 offices and has 16 elevators and 6 escalators and receives annually more than 7 million visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom of pilgrims and visitors with a daily average of between 20 and 25 thousand visitors and it rises to 30 thousand in periods of seasons.

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