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Coral Mall
Coral Mall located in Al Andalus District, Jeddah. Coral Mall is a small and distinct Mall where it has lots of  famous international brands of clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. It is the most important thing that distinguishes this mall,  it contains a large restaurant offers cuisine in a way may not be usual, in this restaurant  there is not a (menu) and varieties of cuisine, whether salads or meat, chicken and fish (before cooking) displayed with a panoramic view and you can choose what you want, then go to your table and what you have chosen will be cooked, and serves to you on your table. Coral Mall also includes "Color Me Mine" in the upper floor, it is the second of its kind in the Middle East after Kuwait, it is a world's leading pottery painting studio chain, where there is hundreds of ceramic shapes to choose from and dozens of colors to paint with, there is also a design center stocked with over twenty thousand images the kids can use to design their piece any way they like, and there is a talented staff is to help the kids, to receive the child his favorite piece for use and to be a beautiful memory from childhood. Also the most important characteristic of Coral Mall that it includes a cafe specializes only in all types of tea in the world. Coral Mall also contains a branch of Second Cup Cafe.

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